Sunday, 11 November 2012

Say no to 'diet ' drinks

Interesting links being looked at for Gulf War Syndrome and other 'mysterious' illnesses. It has been suggested that when 'diet' canned drinks are left in excessive heat the sweetener converts rapidly into formaldehyde and does not revert on cooling... think about it!
  • Aspartame is the most dangerous food additive on the market today, accounting for over 75 percent of adverse reactions reported to the FDA, including seizures and death
  • Even though aspartame is touted as natural it has a synthetic methyl group on one of the amino acids that rapidly breaks down to methanol (wood alcohol). The sweetness associated with aspartame is largely the result of methyl alcohol bonded to the amino acid phenylalanine
  • Methyl alcohol is metabolized differently in the human body compared to other animals, and is FAR more toxic in humans which is why studies have trouble nailing down the hazards related to aspartame, because most rely on animal not human studies
  • Methyl alcohol, after it is taken up by the body as a “Trojan Horse” into susceptible tissues like the
    brain, converts rapidly into formaldehyde,. This causes severe damage to proteins and DNA that can contribute to many serious and chronic diseases, such as cancer, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, and multiple sclerosis
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables contain minute amounts of methanol, but there’s a natural mechanism that makes it harmless. Pectin firmly binds to methanol, allowing it to simply pass through your body and be excreted, because the human body does not have the enzymes to break that bond

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