Monday, 21 May 2012

10 dogmas debunked

Interesting talk from Rupert Sheldrake on The Science Delusion, freeing the Spirit of Enquiry. He claims 10 dogmas of the scientific creed and I was applying it very much to the ethos and values of A Quiet Place based on 'first do no harm' and second does it work?

The ten are:

  1.   The universe is mechanical, everything is a machine and brains are like computers. This is a useful metaphor but loses the wonder and richness of humans

  2.   All matter is unconscious, human consciousness is an illusion created by electrical/chemical activity in the brain. Can't remotely find this useful, inner life of humans and who knows what animals and plants remains a mystery but is demonstrated everywhere

3.   The total amount of energy and matter is always the same (except the Big Bang of course!) - that is a theory and as we move on in time other theories come out from our new knowledge base, organic development surely must be reflected in everything..'as below'

4.   Laws of nature are fixed, a constant. Who says?

5.   There is no purpose to nature, no goal or direction, everything has evolved by accident. How can anyone still believe that when we see so many connections, spiralling coincidences, numbers and sacred geometry all around?

6.   All biological inheritance is carried in the DNA. That has been disproved since the discovery of the genome didn't let us into every secret of mankind...hands up in amazement!

7.   Minds are inside our brains and everything is inside your head. Maybe our interpretation is in our head but we don't really know that we are purely an invention of our own figments!

8.   Memories are stored in the brain as material traces, absolutely unproven and they have tried hard to find memory banks..they are wiped out at death. One of the latest theories I heard was that memory is stored in the water within our body and that is estimated between 70-85% of our makeup depending on the scientist you listen to. Sounds good to me! Think of heart transplants and memories transferring in the blood, why is it anathema in some belief systems not to have other people's blood?

9.   Unexplained phenomena are all illusory or trickery. There is so much anecdotal information as well as scientific if any sceptics want to really look

10. Mechanistic medicine is the only kind that really works. Tell that to different cultures and people who have used complimentary medicine successfully. Even the medics are now beginning to use placebo effect, remembering that they are supposed to be 'healing' practitioners, and indeed I know some very good ones but... interestingly enough the net is helping open minds rather than be purely influenced by big pharmaceutical companies and find days out to hear the latest pill without connecting it to the side effects on the rest of the body

So open minds, a little humility and basic common sense should be the rule knowing the only real constant is change and new information comes on through time, I just mention that there still is a flat earth society, probably according to some, a CIA conspiracy that the earth is round!

Anyway good for Rupert for challenging these laws even when it is uncomfortable, my teacher, years ago said, ‘if you hold your hands out for truth some b..... will knock nails into them'.


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