Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Quiet Place reminder that according to Carl Jung “Liverpool means The Pool of Life”.

Carl Jung dreamed he came to Liverpool and flying over the city, he saw a huge magnolia tree growing from a pool of light in the centre. The branches stretched across the city with fragrant flowers dropping petals onto the ground and its roots spread deep underneath bringing creative energy from the earth for the people of Liverpool. Looking at this beautiful sight he realised that,
In celebration of Jung’s vision of Liverpool A Quiet Place® invited all Liverpool Primary Schools to think about what The Pool of Life means to the children of Liverpool and then create a piece of art that best represents Liverpool as The Pool of Life. 
The awards were presented by Roger Phillips of BBC Radio Merseyside at St Anthony of Padua the winner of the 1st Prize a £20 book token for the individual plus £1,000 of A Quiet Place® Self Management programme including resources and training for their school. The second prize went to St. Paschal Baylon and 3rd Prize to Lister Drive Infants. Well done to all the children who entered in Liverpool and their teachers who organised the art work in a busy timetable.

A  Quiet Place® - What is it?
We are a small not for profit company that supports well being programmes for individuals, groups of children and young people, their families and communities in schools and other organisations. 
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