Sunday, 4 December 2011

A Quiet Place - developing the potential

An opportunity has arisen to become involved with an SME that is a pioneer in the field of the well being agenda. The Founder, Penelope Moon, is looking for a partner/partners to develop the programmes she has created over the last 20 years both nationally and internationally.  With social impact being a priority for the government this is a chance to become involved with a well reputed ethical company that has integrity and mutuality at its heart. 

AQP is a private limited company wholly owned and run by Penelope Moon. Mainly based in the North West it is ripe for rolling out nationally and internationally through the development of social interest franchises or associates who would be able to take advantage of their existing local networks.
There are many people at the moment who are looking to develop businesses who have been made redundant from the public sector. Government policy is encouraging business loans for franchises because statistical reviews indicate a lower risk to the investor.

The product has been deliberately designed to be applicable to all ages and abilities and is therefore equally applicable to:
  1. Education
  2. Social care, children and adults, older and disabled people
  3. Business well being and health in the workplace programme
Some of these areas have not been touched as yet. They could, therefore, be developed as separate products or as part of the whole

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